The CODE OF CHIVALRY IN our Christian Spirituality


The MSM follows the following formulation of what we call “The Code of Chivalric Honour”:

1. The Knight fights for Christ and for His Reign

2. The Knight serves his Lady, the Virgin Mary

3. The Knight defends the Holy Church to his last drop of blood

4. The Knight maintains the traditions of his fathers

5. The Knight fights for justice, the Christian Order and for peace

6. The Knight wages against this World and its Prince a war without truce and without mercy

7. The Knight honours and protects the poor, the weak and the disenfranchised

8. The Knight scorns money and the powers of this world

9. The Knight is humble, magnanimous and loyal

10. The Knight is pure and courteous, ardent and faithful

The MSM Decalogue is adapted from the seminal study on the institution of Chivalry by Léon Gautier, La Chevalerie (1884) –required reading for all postulants. Gautier draws his own Decalogue from an exhaustive review of various admonitions given to knights over the centuries, for instance in the Ordene de la Chevalerie of the early 13th century, in the Magnum Belgii Chronicon of 1247, in Guillaume Durand’s Pontificale of 1292, and in the Instructions of the Bishop of Cambrai (Gui de Bologne) of 1330. These formulae have antecedants dating back even further, to the 10th century. As stated by our founder: “The Code of Honour of Chivalry is the moral Law which binds all knights and establishes them in the knightly state of life. It has been expressed in a variety of ways, but all contain the following elements (Dom G-M Lafond, OSB, Principles for a Charter of Chivalry, Art. 14a):

a.  Faith, Hope and Charity.

b.  Fidelity.

c.  Moral rectitude, a passion for Truth and Justice.
d.  Force at the service of Right.

e.  A scorn of money, a horror of compromise, a rejection of all mediocrity in oneself.
f.  Respect for, and love of, the poor and the weak.
g.  Loving service of one’s Country, of Christendom and of Peace.

h.  Humility and Magnanimity.
i.  Unshakeable boldness.
j. Courtesy and sensitivity of heart.” 


Flagship msm programmes

International Familiaris Consortio Institute (IFCI)


 IFCI is the MSM's institute for the promotion of Family and Life.  It subsumes the former MSM "Associacao Familias", working with disenfranchised, homeless and addicted persons in Portugal, the " Fraternité Notre Dame de la Merci", hospitaller section of the Order to help prisoners and their families in France, as well as the  "Sancta Maria, Salus Infirmorum" fraternity, visiting elderly priests in retirement homes in  the UK, amongst its key initiatives.  IFCI has also held two international conferences on the family (at Notre Dame du Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, Paris, in 2015, and in Braga , Portugal,in 2014). 

Saint Josephine Bakhita Confraternity for International Development


The Saint Josephine Bakhita Confraternity is dedicated to international development assistance and includes the MSM's former "Fraternité Catholique Eurafricaine" (FCEA), helping African priests and seminarians (for instance helping to build a church in Dungu, Democractic Republic of Congo), and  "Our Lady’s African Fund" (OLAF), helping Catholic children and schools in Africa, amongst its key initiatives. The Confraternity is placed under the spiritual patronage of St Josephine Bakhita, the Sudanese  Patron Saint of Human Trafficking Survivors. More information on the Dungu project may be found in our "Documents & Forms"  downloads tab.

Shahbaz Bhatti Circle for Religious Freedom


The "Shahbaz Bhatti Circle” (SBC) is a confraternity of activists, taking its name from the martyred Christian Pakistani Minister, and concerned with Human Rights and Religious Freedom, created by the Militia Mariae Sanctae. Its aims include: support to persecuted Christians around the world, prayer for those suffering from religious persecution, disclosure of situations infringing upon the religious freedom of Christians, and applying pressure on the Governments of countries where Christians are persecuted in order to guarantee full religious freedom. SBC works closely with "Aid to the Church in Need" (, which translates, publishes and disseminates the SBC's Newsletters. All men and women of goodwill who support its aims may join the SBC. Those willing to cooperate with the SBC in pursuit of these aims, in accordance with their capabilities, are invited to join in our efforts to address these sensitive issues. 

The "Shahbaz Bhatti Circle " may be contacted at: or at Guadalupe Street No. 73, 4710-298 Braga, Portugal. 

Donations to SBC / Aid to the Church in Need may be made via wire transfer to:

IBAN: PT50 0269 0109 0020 0029 1608 8 

Christians for the Environment (Arbutus Unedo) Circle


 Following Pope Francis' exhortation  of HH Pope Francis in the 'Laudato Si' Encyclical, the MSM established the "Christians for the Environment - Arbutus Unedo Circle” in defence of our "COMMON HOME", the Earth, using Pope Francis' expression. The circle, in aim of combating the  environmental challenges that threaten the Earth, serves to:

 1. Develop actions to defend our natural heritage;

2. Promote actions to raise awareness of biodiversity and geo-diversity;

3. Sensitise the community to the vital importance of water, which is absolutely indispensable to life;

4. Promote a culture of ecology inspired by the Social Doctrine of the Church concerning Nature;

5. Celebrate the “World Day of Prayer for Creation” on September 1st of each year;

6. Promote colloquia, debates, exhibitions and other activities related to the objectives of this Circle, having as their guiding document the encyclical "Laudato Si";

7. Collaborate in and encourage the planting of native trees; and

8. Promote the safeguarding of biodiversity and geo-diversity, respect for water and for all of Nature and for all creatures in God’s Creation.

The Circle, which has been placed under the patronage of  St.  Giovanni Gualberto , enjoys the protection of  HE Cardinal Peter Turkson (Prefect for the Discastery for Integral Human Development) and of the Portuguese Episcopal Justice & Peace Commission. Founded in 2017, it has already held a conference on water.

St Gregory International Academy for Liturgical Studies


The St Gregory Academy for Liturgy was founded by the MSM's Brazilian Preceptory in order to assist in the propagation of Sacred Liturgy, elevating the soul, eyes and heart toward the Almighty, and assisting in the sanctification of its members and of the People of God. The Academy's vision is to  become an important means of diffusion, study and dissemination of the Sacred Liturgy, in humility and charity, in both Brazil and the wider world.  Its mission is to  promote well celebrated Sacred Liturgy  in both forms of the Roman Rite, through fidelity to the Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church, ensuring that God is the centre of every liturgical action of the Church. It carries this mission out through articles, videos, lectures, meetings and books, as well as through social media. Amongst its chief concerns are  the demystification of points considered complex and controversial in the Liturgy, such as the use of Latin, the celebration versus Deum, and the rite of Holy Mass in its Classical Form (Usus Antiquior).  The work of the Academy may be accessed through  its website ( and the following dedicated Youtube channel :